HyID provides flexible, simplified and integrated multi-factor authentication services for user authentication, including One Time Password, Digital Certificates, and Biometrics-based authentication.

Using HyID, organizations can protect critical business applications from misuse by internal and external users. HyID enables strong multi-factor authentication based on One-Time-Password, Bio-metrics parameters validations, device hardware ID & PKI. HyID protects the corporate resources from unchecked access by privileged users and provides detailed audit logs about who accessed what, from where and what time. The system can generate alerts based when an access by a user invalidates the set risk thresholds, enabling organizations to detect and prevent identity thefts and privilege rights misuse.


Accops HyID enables organizations to monitor exactly who accessed what from where and when.

Identity Management

Provide contextual access to privilege accounts, achieve compliance, decrease risk & streamline administration.

Flexible Authentication

Provides One-Time-Password via multiple tokens including SMS, email, PC software and mobile application.

Detailed Auditing

Proof of identity through detailed auditing & multi-factor authentication for secure access.

Secure Application

Provide extra layer of security over any application for authorized users fortifying corporate data.

Flexible authentication, authorization and policy structure, HyID can fit into any organization, & seamlessly integrates with any corporate application.

  • Flexible Authentication Methods

    OTP, digital certificates, biometric, mobile token.

  • Detailed Auditing

    Complete user profiling based on user identity.

  • Seamlessly Integrated

    Seamless integration with any corporate application.

  • Audit Privilege User Access

    Enable contextual access user privilages.

  • Secure Windows Logon

    Secure authentication during desktops logon

Flexible Authentication Methods

Detailed Auditing

Seamlessly Integrated

Audit Privilege User Access

Secure Windows Logon

Coupled with a simpler and more integrated management suite, Accops deliver the most cost-effective & secured solution compared to other vendors.

Features Accops Others
OTP based two factor authentication
Out of band tokens: SMS, Email
Mobile App Token
Software PC Token Limited
Biometric authentication Limited
Secures VPN, other network services
RADIUS support
Works with AD/LDAP
Works for Workgroup users
Secures Windows PC/Server login Limited
Secures Linux PC/Server login Limited
Secures RDP to servers Limited
Secures SSH to servers Limited
Works in offline mode to support anywhere access Limited
Rescue mode for locked users Limited
No configuration on user PC
Support for cloud deployment Limited
Auto update agent Limited

Learn more detailed information about Accops HyID with the following frequently asked questions.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a type of multi-factor authentication that requires two forms of validation to access an account. These two factors include something you know (e.g., a password) and something you have (e.g., a mobile device). Adding the second factor to the current password login process (which is single factor authentication) significantly reduces your vulnerability to security attacks and someone signing in to your account. Even if your password is compromised, your account is still protected.

What to remember when you use two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication significantly improves the security of your Login ID. After you turn it on, signing into your account will require both your password and access to your trusted devices or trusted phone number. To keep your account as secure as possible and help ensure you never lose access, there are a few simple guidelines you should follow:
• Remember your Login ID and Password.
• Use a device passcode on all your devices.
• Keep your trusted phone number(s) up to date.
• Keep your trusted devices physically secure.

What all Authentication methods are used in Accops HyID?

HyID Authentication can be done in following ways:
• Soft Token (Mobile Based Soft Token Password) (Does not require Internet)
• OTP on SMS
• OTP on Mail
• OTP on both SMS and Mail.

Is HyID hard to setup?

No, HyID at Accops is easy to setup, regardless if you’re an admin or a user.
From an admin’s perspective, enabling HyID throughout the Organization takes a couple of minutes by creating a HyID permission set and assigning that permission set to users, whether as groups or as individuals.
From a user’s perspective, setting up HyID is very quick and easy.

What if I receive an unexpected login alert?

If you receive a notification (a login alert via text message/E-Mail) that you did not initiate via the login process, your Login password may have been compromised. Reject the login and change your Login password as soon as possible using Self Service Portal.

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