Work-from-home solutions: How Accops is delivering business continuity amid Covid
Thursday, August 13, 2020 |

Workspace virtualisation firm Accops has empowered over 100 enterprises to get their critical functions up and running in the pandemic-hit environment.

As the Covid-19 pandemic broke out across the globe forcing people to work from home, enterprises scrambled to find work-from-home solutions that could be set up overnight. Before the Covid-19 crisis, enterprises would opt for VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and other remote access solutions from branch office access or vendor access point of view. In most cases, the goal was cost and security optimisation. The lockdown changed it all. VDI and remote access solutions became the only way to keep the business alive. One Indian software company, Accops, stepped in to fill that gap with its end-to-end work-from-home (WFH) solutions that could provide secure remote access to all modern web applications, SaaS applications, legacy applications, virtual applications and virtual desktops.

“The current scenario has accelerated our growth, with demand for our solutions shooting up about 10 times since March 2020. With WFH becoming the new reality, we anticipate continued demand in the coming months,” says Vijender Yadav, CEO & co-founder, Accops. “In terms of revenues, we expect to have 3x revenue growth compared to last year, balancing the increased sales with reduced per unit cost.”

Pune-headquartered Accops has been working on zero-trust-based remote access solutions since 2012, and the sudden opportunity gave it a chance to prove its mettle to new clients. “We came up with cost-effective offerings, providing flexible deployment (on premise and on cloud) and licensing (capex and opex based) options to help organisation meet their business and operational needs. We also offered free licenses to help many organisations tide over the initial hurdles and enable their workforce to work from home,” says Yadav. Accops has empowered over 100 enterprises in India, Middle-East and Japan, among others, to get their critical functions up and running to ensure business continuity in this pandemic-hit environment. Ten out of the top 20 insurance firms in India are using Accops’ solutions to enable their staff to work from home.

Accops offers multiple remote productivity solutions: application access gateway, virtual applications and virtual desktops, Accops-managed Desktop-as-a-Service and live, ready-only OS in a pen drive and identity and access management solutions. Typical solutions used by enterprises include VPN (virtual private network) from one vendor, VDI from another and strong authentication from a third, leading to increased cost and more time to resolve support issues or to deploy the solutions. Accops solutions have out-of-the-box multi-factor authentication and data leakage prevention features to protect corporate data and applications against malware, spyware and ransomware attacks, as well as intentional or unintentional data leakage. Yadav says Accops is the only Indian company recommended by the RBI for WFH solutions.

Accops is collaborating with multiple HCI (hyper converged infrastructure) vendors such as Cisco and Nutanix to simplify the infrastructure design, planning, deployment and rollout. “With Cisco, we rolled out a joint solution for partners and customers to have a single integrated solution to implement work from home,” he adds.

Right before the pandemic Accops had released support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) in Azure cloud which became a good solution for customers to quickly move to cloud and implement virtual desktop solution. Accops has enabled simplified management, detailed auditing and data security for Microsoft WVD. It is also working with HPE and Lenovo, providing enterprises numerous options to meet their business and operational needs.

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