Non-stop learning from home, using virtual ICT labs
Accops HyLabs helps universities, educational institutes and L&D organizations create, manage and monitor virtualized ICT labs and provide real time access to the ICT enabled labs from any device, anywhere & anytime.
HyLabs automates provisioning, orchestration and curriculum-based access to ICT labs with the single goal of enabling self-service for faculty members and students. It gives HoDs and faculty members, the flexibility to deploy and manage labs on their own without any prior knowledge and training of the underlying infrastructure. At the same time, students get schedule-based access to existing physical labs or virtual labs from their home or campus, using their own devices. Virtualizing the ICT labs reduces operational cost for the institutes and enables real time, self-service enabled learning environment.
Use Cases
  • Enable study from home during pandemic
    Enable students to have the same experience of accessing labs as during pre-Covid19 times, and provision them with all the tools necessary while accessing labs.
  • Enable self-study from anywhere
    Students can study anytime with any device without travelling and can make their own reservation for ICT labs or generic lab machines.
  • Empower faculties
    With a self-service enabled interface, faculties can make changes to labs on their own, including deploying new labs without requiring IT support.
Windows 10 based Personal Virtual Desktop
Windows Server based Personal Virtual Desktop
Linux based Personal Virtual Desktop
Remote access to physical PCs: dedicated/floating pool management
Support for on-premise VMWare vSphere, Nuntanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-v, Microsoft SCVMM with complete VM provisioning, power management and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for Azure WVD with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on Azure cost.
Support for AWS Cloud with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops and with dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on AWS cost.
Support for KVM, Xen, GCP for Virtual apps & pooled shared desktop delivery
VM provisioning automation using linked cloning function for VMWare vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-v with SCVMM including recompose
Virtual IP address for each user session for pooled desktop or virtual apps users
Accops Shell for virtual desktops
Secure File upload/download work flow
Application isolation using MSIX packages with efficient one click application delivery
User profile management using FSLogix and UPD
Contextual Application access and application sandboxing for virtual apps & virtual desktops
Virtual Training Lab provisioning, management and access
Seamless USB peripheral redirection for virtual desktops and virtual apps running on personal virtual desktops with Windows 10 or Linux
Enhanced USB peripheral redirection for pooled virtual desktops and virtual apps running on Microsoft RDS Server
Add-on SEP License
Support for eTokens for digital certificate signing on Windows or Linux based virtual apps and desktops
Secure Remote Access to Virtual Apps & Virtual Desktops
Secure Remote Access gateway with Accops SPAN technolgy based on application tunnels to create Zero trust based access gateway
MFA using OTP tokens, Mobile App token, hardware token, FIDO, Certificates, Smart card
MFA connector for Accops HySecure
Built-in reports and support for external SIEM servers
Accops Reporting Server
Add-on License
Why HyLabs
Automated ICT lab provisioning & access based on university schedule
Self-service enabled machine provisioning, without any IT support
Reservation-based anytime access to labs
BYOD enabled, without any endpoint software requirement
Granular delegation to serve varied needs of departments
IMS-LMS integration available for integrated access
Deploy on-premise or on-cloud
Availability of learning analytics
Thick PC based Lab
Generic VDI Solution
Automated sharing of lab resources across departments
Automated provisioning, instant imaging and re-imaging
Anytime, anywhere access
Allocation based control
Granular role delgation to faculty, lab assistants
Self-service portal for faculty, students
Standard, corporate interface
Clientless access from any user device
Learning analytics with course-wise reports
Limited, standard reports
Integration & customization services
Limited and costly
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