Case Studies
Accops solutions help organizations of all sizes become more agile, efficient & secure than ever
A Renowned BPO
One of the leading BPOs delivers seamless customer services with wire-speed VoIP traffic for work from home users
Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Group
One of the renowned Indian media conglomerates, ABP, delivers Digital Workspace solution for graphics-intense & data-heavy applications and enables secure work from home
A Renowned R&D Agency
A renowned R&D agency enables secure, compliant on-demand access to all users, while reducing costs and simplifying management
One of India's leading energy and environmental engineering firms, Thermax, empowers its distributed workforce with on-demand, secure access to critical business applications
Polycab India
The leading wires and cables manufacturer deploys an end-to-end VDI solution to improve customer serviceability and optimize costs
A Leading Life Insurance Provider
A leading life insurance provider implements a comprehensive Digital Workspace solution and provide secure, compliant, cost-effective remote access
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