Accops helps urban cooperative banks adhere to RBI’s new cyber security guidelines
Friday, February 21, 2020 |

Accops Systems, leading developer and providers of Secure Workspace Virtualization solution, today announced the steps Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) can adopt to adhere to the cybersecurity guidelines mandated by RBI. With a vision to increase stability within the Indian banking sphere, the RBI has instituted clear guidelines in handing and processing information to ensure that all data leaks are reported at the right time and security measures are put in place immediately.

Accops has come forth with a step-by-step compliance structure that UCBs can adopt to have a holistic and integrated approach towards cybersecurity operation transformation. Accops has carefully reviewed the requirements of the RBI guidelines and is equipped to solve cybersecurity issues while reducing the compliance complexities for UCBs.

“Accops is the best choice as we deliver business applications with highest security and efficiency at acceptable TCO. Apart from providing direct and local support, our comprehensive solutions give better ROI,” he further added.

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) get the following Accop’s solutions to adhere to RBI’s new guidelines-

  • Two factor authentication: Accops HyID is a comprehensive multi-factor authentication solution providing MFA support to any legacy or modern application. The token support includes OTP tokens delivered via SMS, Email, Mobile App, Hardware Token or a PC token. Accops provides a complete biometric based MFA solution as well.
  • Network Management and Security: Accops HySecure provides a zero-trust network access architecture to isolate critical application servers from internal as well as external devices, providing logical network segmentation, enabling access on a need to basis.
  • User Access Control / Management: Accops HySecure provides secure remote access to users within and outside the company network, enabling TLS encrypted access to business applications from authorized devices. Accops HySecure also has a layer 5-7 VPN.
  • Data Leak Prevention Strategy: Accops provides digital workspace solution to enable secure access to business applications and data without compromising the data security, enabling read only access to data. Accops solutions are best suited to remote access to applications by vendors working from unmanaged devices from their own or any locations.
  • Secure Configuration: Accops provides network isolation features for critical applications like SWIFT while providing access to productivity applications without requiring additional devices. Accops provides an application whitelisting feature with a complete centralized control to manage the devices and policies. Using this feature, PowerShell can be disabled in servers as well as desktops.
  • User Access Control: Accops HyID is a centralised comprehensive IAM solution providing application control, SSO and MFA features.
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