Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre
One of Asia's largest cancer treatment facilities, improves accessibility of critical applications for optimized operational performance
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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC), a comprehensive cancer care set-up is one among Asia's leading cancer institutes. It avails facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all type of cancers. The highly qualified and experienced oncology team provides high-quality diagnostic testing, treatment and multi-disciplinary care for cancer patients. Genentech Environmental Excellence Award 1999 & Golden Peacock Award for Environment Excellence 2000, serve as a testimonial to the service excellence of RGCIRC.
1. Balancing the increasing hardware costs and cybersecurity investments
2. Streamlining IT access for clinicians
3. Simplified desktop & application management
4. Ensuring optimized data efficiency and integrity
In all medical institutions, it is of paramount importance that doctors get to spend as much time as possible on diagnosis and treatment. Hence it becomes imperative for medical institutions to ensure that their doctors spend less time in other aspects of the job like data retrieval and IT related works. In RGCI, data storage & retrieval was quite tedious as it involved searching and recovering medical records and management data from off-site storage. Another issue was that RGCI makes use of several billing applications which were installed on desktops across the institution, making it difficult for the doctors, most of whom have a roaming profile and have to attend patients all across the facility.
1. VDI-based solution was deployed for desktop virtualization and centralized management
2. To ensure operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, thin clients were also deployed
3. Minimal bandwidth usage was ensured to improve user experience
Products Deployed
1. End-user management from a centralized location
2. Cost optimization for application installation and delivery
3. Improved security and operational efficiency
4. Better accessibility to critical applications
5. Eliminating all endpoint related IT administration tasks
6. Generating up to date and accurate business reports
7. Optimized performance and decision making
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